The Welsh capital isn’t overrun with casinos in the same way the likes of London is, but then it’s a much smaller city than the English capital also that’s not exactly a surprise. At the time of writing there are three casinos in Cardiff worthy of the name.

You can find a few adult gaming centres around the place, but that’s not the sort of thing that we’re interested in here. When it comes to casinos specifically there might not be loads on offer but the ones that are promise entertaining times.

The Casinos

Grosvenor Casino – Atlantic Wharf

Grosvenor Casino - Atlantic Wharf CardiffBoasting a thoroughly modern exterior but a far more traditional looking interior, the Grosvenor Casino at Atlantic Wharf is served by decent public transport and has plenty of parking options. The casino is open 24-7, but the live games don’t start until 2pm Monday to Thursday. They are open round the clock once Friday hits, mind.

The casino is dominated by the more popular table games, so expect to see the likes of roulette, blackjack and plenty of slot machines. There’s a poker room that offers both tournaments and cash games, so if you like your Texas Hold’em then you’ll enjoy your visit to the Grosvenor Casino in Cardiff.

Away from the casino floor there’s the standard restaurant that you’ll find in pretty much all of the Grosvenor Casinos around the United Kingdom. The food isn’t spectacular but it isn’t disappointing either, with the important thing to remember being that they want you back on the floor as soon as possible. There’s also a pleasant bar that shows live sport.

Rainbow Casino – City Centre

Rainbow Casino - City Centre CardiffThe site used to be operated by Gala Coral, but the Double Diamond Group took it over and turned it into a Rainbow Casino. In the process of doing so they gave it a comprehensive overhaul, so it’s a modern-looking casino now in spite of its storied history. The only negative is that it lost its poker tournaments in the changeover.

The rest of the casino’s gaming floor is much as you’d expect, with slightly more exotic games such as Mah Jong mixed in with classics likes blackjack. There are roulette tables and electronic roulette alternatives, with more than a few slot machines around the place too. Poker tournaments may be no more but cash games are played, plus there’s three-card poker tables.

Ignite Restaurant is where you’ll want to head if you get a bit peckish during your play, whilst the bar is also open most of the time to offer you a drink or two. It would be a lie to say that the Rainbow Casino is the city’s most exciting place to visit, but there’s enough to make it worth popping in to see what you make of the place.

Les Croupiers – St Mary Street

Les Croupiers - St Mary Street CardiffThe oldest casino in Cardiff is popular if for no other reason than casino-lovers who visit the city feel like it’s one that they need to visit. It first opened its doors in 1968, though it’s worth noting that it’s moved physical location since then. Known as ‘The Croups’ to Cardiff residents, the venue is often busy and promises a great atmosphere as a result.

The list of games on offer at Les Croupiers is decent, with the fact that there’s a craps table here making it different from the other casinos in the city. There’s also more unusual games such as punto banco and Mah Jong, so it’s likely to appeal to those that like to mix standard games like roulette and blackjack in with more interesting alternatives.

The poker room in the venue has space for around two hundred players, meaning that both tournaments and cash games are played regularly. It’s also worth noting that it’s not just Texas Hold’em, with the likes of Omaha and 5 Card Stud being equally popular. Upstairs the casino offers a restaurant with a view of Cardiff City Stadium.